Bubbles & Cuddles | The New Baby Shower on the Block

Bubbles & Cuddles, What on earth is that? The world is a little upside down right now & many Mums-to-Be are staying safe at home. This is entirely sensible, but what about your baby shower?! You’ve looked forward to celebrating with your best girlfriends, enjoying your last day at work & having people not so flatteringly guess the circumference of your bump (as if you didn’t feel bumpy enough)! Whilst this may not be possible right now, or it may even sound like your worst nightmare to be the centre of attention for a full afternoon, Bubbles & Cuddles could be the perfect alternative baby shower for you.

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Hosting a Bubbles & Cuddles Afternoon

So how do you host a Bubbles & Cuddles afternoon? Originating Down Under as a ‘Sip & See’. As an alternative baby shower, mums-to-be wait until baby arrives. Then instead of having a constant stream of visitors to the house at all times of the day. Once baby is 3/4 weeks+ all of your best girlfriends, family members & favourite work colleagues have a lovely get together, think Cake, Prosecco, Nibbles & adorable baby snuggling.

planning a baby shower - what about Bubbles & Cuddles instead

Go lavish for your alternative baby shower

Why not let your bestie plan your Sip & See, book some tables at your favourite restaurant or tea rooms. Have a beautiful afternoon tea & glasses of Prosecco for guests to toast to baby’s safe arrival. Get a blow dry & your nails done (late afternoon is a perfect time, giving you the morning to yourself with partner in charge of baby). Pick a gorgeous floaty dress or break out the big jewellery & your best maternity jeans. Why not go wild & get a make up artist to the house to feel truly pampered.

Keep it Low Key for your Bubbles & Cuddles

Welcome guests to your home & garden, a summer bbq or a ‘Jacobs join’ with guests in charge of the nibbles is the perfect way to keep it low key & let your favourite people meet & adore your new addition. Get a home delivery booked with some fizz & mocktail/cocktail ingredients, Name one after baby for the perfect recipe!

Should There Be Baby Gifts?

It’s traditional for guests at a Baby Shower / Bubbles & Cuddles to bring a gift, you may even have had a registry prepared. Family & Friends love to gift the new baby something, have a few ideas in mind in case people ask what you might like. Why not ask for vouchers towards baby portraits? A gift that will last you for years to come. Especially if this is baby two or three & all of the practical bases are covered!

Styling your ‘Sip & See’

I’ve got you covered for invitations! I have designed some beautiful options for you to personalise. Choose your design. Click to go to the full sized file, follow our simple Canva steps to add images and your text. Save & send as printed or digital invitations – easy peasy!

Here is how to edit your beautiful alternative shower invitations ready to send. Why not order them as photos, or postcards to post or hand out to your favourite people!.

I look forward to seeing you & baby very soon

Love, Cass