WELCOME! Pleased to meet you, I’m Cass Davies, newborn photographer  & family Photographer in Taipei. My family & I are from the UK, in beautiful North Wales (although my Welsh language leaves a lot to be desired my boys do speak some Welsh!) As parents to three boys now 11,13 & 17 there is never a dull moment with the Davies family! In 2022 we set off on our family adventure, moving to Taipei with husband Nick’s work in the renewable industry. Setting up home here & exploring Asia has been an amazing experience for us all. We have always spent a lot of our family time hiking or camping & we love a good road trip.

I’m delighted to have been granted permission to work as an international artist here by the Taiwanese government, allowing me to work as an English speaking photographer with both other Expat and Taiwanese families & photographers. Newborn portraits are my great love, working with such tiny new people is such a privilege. Sibling images are an especial favourite of mine.

English speaking photographer in Taipei Cass davies photographs five siblings aged from newborn to 11. Taipei newborn photographer Cass is an experienced professional from the uk
Newborn and siblings being photographed by English speaking photographer in Taipei Cass davies of boho baby international

An experienced international English speaking photographer since 2012

As part of running my photography business for the last 13 years I have met some of the most wonderful families & been able to record them growing & changing. I always say I wish I had kept count of how many babies I have photographed but it must be well over 2000 by now! Add in lots of cake smashes & family portraits & pretty much nothing could phase me in a session now!

A key part of my work is educating other photographers, I am an adult vocational qualification assessor. This has enabled me to teach my skills to newborn photographers internationally. Alongside teaching others, I work hard to elevate my own images & was Finalist Newborn Photographer of the Year 2018, also receiving international merit awards for work in 2018/19/20/23. It is incredibly satisfying using my knowledge and expertise to help other photographers increase their skills and make their businesses more successful, especially with regards to improving newborn safety skills in the industry. I currently hold Associate level accreditations from the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers – one of very few in the UK with a panel purely of newborn images.

My current passion project is my Fellowship panel, a qualification awarded to the top 1% of photographers, and for this I am creating a gallery of images titled Children of the World, exploring birth traditions and cultures from across the globe. Making the most of life as an expat English speaking photographer in Asia this project gives me the chance to explore all of the wonderful  blends of cultures in the families & children I meet, & showcase them as art. 

gallery of baby portraits from a taipei photoshoot with ENGLISH SPEAKING PHOTOGRAPHER CASS DAVIES AT Boho Baby International
Taipei photographer Cass davies with her family in Yangminshan, what to wear for a family portrait in Taipei by annemariesphotography.com

When my parents visited Taipei, we took the opportunity to capture some generational portraits with Anne Marie’s Photography the beautiful images on this page of my family & I are posted with her permission & with thanks. If you are ever in Okinawa I highly recommend visiting her for vacation photos. The Yangminshan grasslands are an incredible location for a Taipei photoshoot with your English speaking photographer.

Keen foodies we spend a good portion of our travel time testing the local speciality wherever we are, Taiwanese pancakes have my heart – my waistline despairs! Whilst Seb is a squid on a stick conneseuir, Huey makes a beeline for the passion fruit bubble tea.



I had one on one newborn training with Cass Davies Photography, I have learned so much from her. She is amazing at what she does. highly recommended.! Thank You Cass.




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