How did this happen?! A year has flown by and the 1st Birthday of your tiny baby is approaching fast! In a year of milestones for your little one this is a big one, let’s celebrate it properly. But how should you celebrate baby’s 1st birthday? Of the hundreds of parents I have spoken to during photoshoots, the most popular option is a lovely day of memories shared, perhaps a trip to the zoo and a tea party with family & their little friends.

Bottle That 1st Birthday Party Feeling

Once the day is done, how can we hold onto this 1st Birthday milestone feeling? Record their chubby little hands and cheeks with beautiful portraits to treasure, a Cake Smash is a brilliant fun session featuring dressed portraits, epic messy fun and a splash in the vintage tub. All of this goes together to create both wonderful memories and a gallery of celebration images to decorate your home or store in an album. Many parents choose their session on baby’s actual birthday to make the most of the festivities!

Choosing a Theme for My Smash

Where to start, with over 40 sets you’ll be spoilt for choice at Cass Davies Photography! Let’s not get overwhelmed though. The best place to start is to consider: Is there something my baby loves? & Where will I hang my images?

Both of these questions can help guide you to the perfect cake smash set for you. Let’s start with what baby loves. Is it anything with a dinosaur on or dancing along to their favourite animals on tv? Chances are a themed set may be the perfect option for you! With a myriad of themes to choose from, there is sure to be the perfect one.

What about where your images will hang, are we matching a nursery theme – (hello Woodland Creatures) or fitting in with your lounge decor (bring it on Navy Pinwheels) ? When matching decor it is possible that a more traditional set may fit the bill. So why not think solid colour background with coordinated accessories & cake?

After each session you will visit the studio for your big screen reveal of your beautiful images. I can help you choose the perfect display for your space, with amazing technology that can use a photograph of your own home & display your portraits to scale right on the wall!

Not seeing ‘the one’ in the archives? Chat to me about the perfect Cake Smash for your baby’s 1st Birthday, if I can’t adapt an existing option we can get all excited & go completely bespoke!

Show me The Themes!