Choosing a Safe Baby Photographer – BANPAS is a wonderful resource for new parents.

I have been twice nominated their regional Ambassador – one of only 12 in the UK


Are you a mummy to be ready to pop or did you just give birth to the most precious thing ever to arrive on earth? If so congratulations! Being a parent for the first or the tenth time is a magical experience. One that you will want to document to treasure for the rest of your lives.

As one of the most photographed generations in history we are surrounded by pictures of our loved ones in digital format constantly, but sometimes an occasion calls for just that little bit more – a stunning wall portrait of your brand new tiny person. Something to remind you at 4am that they can be serene and sleepy and beautiful even if at that moment they are covered in milk you smell like baby sick and there’s a faint whiff of eau du bum…

Now the decisions begin, who to chose, how much to spend, where to go, who did your friends use – it can be a minefield! This is not a blog about you choosing me as your photographer, this goes far beyond that. This is a blog about choosing the right person to trust with your brand new baby. A safe baby photographer. Over the coming weeks you may see many articles on this subject as the newborn photography community reacts to breaking stories of major chains being highlighted by concerned parents for allegedly  allowing their babies to topple from poses both intentionally or without proper precautions in place ‘just in case’.

Babies have strong reflex reactions and a lack of understanding of how they work and how to anticipate their movements and needs by inexperienced persons could lead to very tragic circumstances. A brilliant resource for parents is the website of BANPAS – The Baby & Newborn Photography Association, who carefully screen their members & have a strong code of guidelines for them to adhere to. Requiring proper insurance, providing effective training & requiring knowledge of safe working practices. They have handy information for parents and a search tool to locate your nearest registered members.

Speak to your friends – how did they choose their photographer, how did they handle the baby? Were they always attended to and comfortably supported? Was the room toasty warm for baby (if mum & dad weren’t peeling off the layers the answer is probably not!) does the studio specialise in newborns or do they shoot a wide variety? Just because you loved your wedding photographer does not mean they are the right bod for your baby. Did they feel they were a safe baby photographer?

There are many popular poses that you will see in your 2am Pinterest musings (you can wander around my page HERE) that are not all that they seem, babies lost in thought or dreaming away on swings can require up to 6 or even 10 individual frames selectively edited together into a composite image to create the look. Photographers new to the industry or pre training can often underestimate how these shots are safely achieved. Here is a little insight into the magic…

qualified safe baby photographer qualified safe baby photographer qualified safe baby photographer qualified safe baby photographer



My teeny tiny precious niece is supported here in the popular but potentially dangerous ‘Head in Hands’ or Half Froggy pose by her Mummy & Daddy, they on count momentarily & one at a time release their grip and hover whilst the shutter clicks then back to baby. then this happens…




Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me for information, with BANPAS for support information or even to raise concerns you may have, lets enjoy beautifully safe photography of your precious bundles.

Please email to enquire about training I teach 1-2-1 & workshops across the UK

Cass xx